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Cities and Locations

Gym Cities

by imp88 of LJ

* that city holds a Pokemon Contest, the ribbon of which is needed to enter the Grand Festival.

** Numbers show the order of gyms, 1st to 8th. The map uses the numbers to show their location.

1st [Orange Town]

A small peaceful town located a couple of miles from Chestnut Town, Orange gets by on the bare essentials. There is a Pokemart and Pokemon Centre, and there's a photo studio where pictures of Pokemon can be taken. Orange Town's Gym is often the first encountered by new trainers. With a tourist industry centered on rest and relaxation, it is a favoured location for those seeking to escape city life. It is frequently passed through by trainers on their way from Chestnut Town to Russet City.

2nd [Apricot City] *

Wide fields in the eastern part of the city are planted with rice and subsequently are double cropped with winter wheat and barley. The soil is imported from Russet Town. Fruit is grown throughout the northern area in great variety, including citrus fruits, persimmons, peaches and grapes. Pioneering organic farming methinds that cause no harm to Pokemon have been developed here. Apricot City is home to the second Gym in the Shiko League.

3rd [Magnolia City] *

Located on the north-western tip of the island, ferries from the harbour link Shiko to destinations including Hoenn and surrounding islands. It is the largest city in the western region of Shiko. Magnolia is the center of the region's economy and telecommunications. Major attractions for trainers include Magnolia TV, the Game Corner and an Official Pokemon Gym. Tales of Lugia and the Whirlpools it creates circulate among the sailors that stop in this port town. The Circuit Train runs from Magnolia to Cardinal City several times daily.

4th [Russet City] *

Is a mining town blessed with many natural resources. The Russet Mine lies on the outskirts of town and its miners often take breaks in the city between work shifts. The excavated soil is used to subsidise farming. The mine is the livelyhood of the town and extends slightly into Ossia Natural Park. All soil that cannot be used for farming is turned into large fields of untilled dirt, which is constantly tilled by the Digletts and Dugtrio that occupy them. The soil is then considered perfect for gardening and exported to other towns and outlying regions.

5th [Sienna Town] *

After passing Mt. Ossia, one arrives in Sienna Town. Shiko's Pokemon Daycare is located here. Locations of interest are the flower shop in the north end of the city, and Ossia National Park to the west. Sienna Cafe is located south across the road from the Gym. To the north of the city is the popular Lake Aeolus.

6th [Cardinal City]

The largest city in Shiko, Cardinal City has its annual Grand Festival in the Contest Hall, the final contest for all Pokemon Co-Ordinators in the region, which attracts thousands of tourists each year from all over Shiko. It's also the home of the largest department store in Shiko and the lone Bike Shop. Due to the statue of Suicune in the city centre, it is believed to hold some connection to the Legendary Dogs. The Devon Corporation of the Hoenn Region produces many useful products, for the Shiko region, many of them geared towards Pokemon training. The Pokeballs chiefly only found in Hoenn are avaliable in Shiko because of this connection. This is a coastal city: it has a harbour and the S.S. Tide makes trips to and from Magnolia City. The Circuit Train runs from Cardinal to Magnolia City several times daily.

7th [Amaranth Town]

Although Shiko has no volcanoes, Amaranth Town is famous for its hot springs, powered by geothermal heat. The water percolated deeply into the crust and was heated as it came into contact with hot rocks. These springs are frequented for their theraputic effects by humans and Pokemon, and this generated custom for the town that grew up around the industry. Amaranth is a popular tourist destination. The stadium that hosts the Shiko Tournament is located here.

8th [Old Rose Town] *

Home to the eighth Gym, an institute for psychic trainers, Old Rose Town is populated by high-level trainers hoping to find the Gym Leader. The streets are clean, and at night the roads are lit by old-fashioned Victorian iron lamps. It is bordered to the north by the Hourglass Woods. On the eastern side of town is a dig site where two years ago a Bronzong was unearthed, having blocked the entrance to the ruins underground. It also houses a Poffin Shop. For defeating the Gym Leader, you earn the Mind Badge.
Other Locations
[Chestnut Town]

This town is located on the western side of the island, and a trainer may receive an Eevee as their starter Pokemon from Professor Maple, who resides here. They may also receive a Trainer's License if they choose to pass on getting one from a Gym Leader. They still have to pass the examination though.

[Mt. Ossia]

This large mountain separates Apricot City and Sienna Town. There are two ways to pass it: over or around. Those who choose to climb must scale a steep, wooded path, fighting off angry rock and flying-type Pokemon as they go. Those who decide to go around take the easiest path but the longest, having to face a long hike through the Ossia National Park.

Mount Ossia is well-known as an important object of worship in the Shiko region. On the top of the mountain there is a small shrine called the Ossia Shrine, inside which is a statue of Lugia.

The area around Mount Ossia is called the Ossia National Park.

[Ossia National Park]

The Ossia National Park is a reserve of land around Mt. Ossia protected from human development and pollution. The premises are largely undeveloped, and offer refuge for Pokemon and serve as a popular tourist area. It is also a reserve for substantial natural resources such as timber and minerals. Some people subject the area to illegal logging and other explotation, against which there is a dedicated staff of guards. Forestry, fishing and agriculture may be carried out around the outlying areas.

[Hourglass Woods]

These woods hold a mythical quality due to being the home of the Abra Line of Pokemon. One rarely glimpses these Pokemon unless they are psychic, or the Pokemon itself wishes to be seen. Some Abra can occasionally be seen wild in Old Rose City, as they have Teleported to avoid other Pokemon and trainers in the woods. Their rarity has led to many trainers visiting the woods hoping to catch one. Because of this interference, Hatori Yasushi, the Gym Leader, has declared the Hourglass Woods a reserve, and limited people's ability to enter. To do so, one requires a pass from him.

[Russet Mine]

The mine is a rich source of copper in Shiko, and an even greater source of Elemental Stones for several regions as a whole: F
ire, Leaf, Thunder and Water stones are unearthed here in quantity. Dawn, Dusk and Shiny Stones are too, but are rare. The amount generated in former years contributed to Shiko's trade and moderisation, and the dirt and rock removed from its natural location has made the region a perfect habitat for Rock and Ground-Type Pokemon. All of the miners have their own Pokemon, usually Machop and Geodude, to assist them in the mine. It is operated with the utmost care to avoid causing damage to the natural habitats of wild Pokemon.

[Old Rose Ruins]

The Old Rose Ruins are a set of underground ruins where the Unown can be found in Shiko. They tend to stick to the walls or with other Unown when in a group. In each room is writing in the Unown Alphabet relating to the legend of Ho-Oh and Lugia. Due to the underground nature of the ruins, one must come with a Pokemon equipped with Flash. This, however, will disturb the Unown within.
Bronzor can be found in the depths, and a Bronzong was unearthed just outside.

[Lake Aeolus]

Located to the north of Sienna Town, with harsh winds that buffet the water, this lake is the favourite destination for Shiko's Anglers. Catching of Feebas is rumoured to happen here, though trainers often c
ome away with nothing but Goldeen and Magikarp. On the eastern shore is a small shop providing boats and fishing equipment.

[Bicycle Road]

An arched section between Cardinal City and Amaranth Town, the road was made so that people could take a shortcut over the grassy path found underneath it. This allows the traveller to bypass wild Pokémon completely, but they may face other trainers. There are sidewalks for pedestrians. The path is sloped such that riders can coast southward on it with no effort: it's one long road. The Bicycle Road has an archway to its design.

[Cardinal City Bike Shop]

The lone Bike Shop in Shiko is located in a quiet neighborhood in east Cardinal. The prices are high because since hardly any cars are used, if at all, the demand for bikes is at an all-time high.

[Game Corner]

This is in Magnolia Town, and as one may guess, it's controlled by Team Sol. The entrance to Sol Labs is inside. There are slot machines people say are rigged, as well as card tables and there's a machine to take pictures of a visitor's Pokemon. By pushing a button underneath a poster, the player gains access to the Sol Laboratory. Coins can be exchanged for prizes in the building next door. For a large amount, people can win five rare Pokemon, TMs, and items.

[S.S. Tide]

The S.S. Tide is a ferry between Magnolia City and Cardinal City. Often, there are many trainers on board and sometimes it transports people to another location - Hoenn.

[Magnolia TV]

Magnolia TV is a television station headquartered in Magnolia City. Its broadcasts reach residents across the region, spreading information far and wide. The station is also home to a daily lottery, where people may win PP Ups, Vitamins, hold items, and rare accessories.

[Circuit Train]

The Magnolia-Cardinal Line runs between the two cities and links the eastern half of Shiko with the west. Due to the long name, people call the train itself just 'the train' or the Circuit Train. It runs several times daily and takes a course round the north, avoiding the Ossia Park.

[Power Plant]

The Power Plant is a facility that was built on the cliffs far east of Old Rose Town, near Cianwood. It provides power for the Shiko Region by generating hydroelectricity, lies in the middle of the Cianwood River, and is infested with Electric-type Pokémon.

[Russet Museum]

Russet Museum is a laboratory that is open to the public, using donations from visitors to fund research. Researchers there study fossil pokemon. Using technology perfected by scientists in Cinnabar, they are able to use DNA from fossils to recreate the pokemon. Thier current aim is to recreate the pokemon from the fossils with memories intact to study thier behaviour and increase understanding of prehistoric times. So far this has proved impossible.

They accept donations of fossils. In return for allowing them to study a donated fossil they will entrust a donor with the pokemon that came from it, assuming it is of no use to thier research.

[Cianwood River]

This river is the largest river on the island of Shiko. It begins simply as gently flowing river, but when it descends the mountain and cliffside the rapids become rough. Many species of Water Pokémon live around this area. The river is surrounded by marshland called 'Cianwood Marsh'.

[Cianwood Marsh]

Cianwood Marsh is a wetland that is subject to frequent flooding. The water is shallow and features grasses, rushes, reeds, and other herbaceous plants. Low-growing shrubs emerge from freshwater. The marsh is a critically important wildlife habitat, often serving as breeding grounds for a wide variety of wild Pokemon, particularly Lotads and Psyducks.

Decomposition of plant materials below water produces marsh gas, which begins to burn by self-ignition making mysterious lights known locally as Will o' the wisps, Jack-o'-lanterns, or sprites.

But not only it the marsh off the beaten path by quite a bit, it is off the beaten path in an area where most trainers would never willingly go. Why? Cianwood Marsh is a haunting ground for Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar. They will try and pull illusions and scare trainers. Also, wild Duskull doggedly pursue lost trainers wherever they go, and don't abandon their chase till sunrise.

Most sickingly, some Gastly possess the corpses of dead Pokémon who would otherwise sink into the marsh

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